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You are now at a place where the world is seen as an algorithmic model which shows that each individual has a frequency distance from one another. In this aspect, we can see that each individual's life is unique and has different purpose. The objective of our work is to design, develop and implement algorithms based on Location Theory which shows us a way to where we wish we can be in terms of relative algorithmic location. The Location Theory reveals to us that there is a relative location exists when an event occurs on the frequency domain and this location is changing and has a distance from other location. 


Here, we love God and seek His commandments and knowledge. God has revealed that He wants us to do what is right, to be merciful, and to walk humbly with Him (Mic. 6:8). The operation here is not limited by the boundary of any universe, nationality, language, race, religion, background or belief. We respect the existence of any people around us and co-operate with them to help in contribution to the needs of any society.


In this coming Christmas Day & New Year celebration, we shall give a Christmas present to anyone who has implemented and has practical use of our voice password in a work place. The objective is to serve and thank God, Lord Jesus Christ, for miracle that's happened in our work and life as we seek Him. This present will be sent out around Dec 01 - Dec 31. You can notify us through enquiry@basic-signalprocessing.com. You can read voice password usage example here for an idea of where and how it can be used. It's a good solution to protect mobile, internet or online banking users from potential high-tech interception. The product here is designed to protect system and database from illegal access and is able to protect internet users from financial loss and and misuse of personal data.


Our Company offers you products and services related to:


a) Data Acquisition

b) Filter Design (Digital)

c) Signal Analysis

d) Algorithm Design and Implementation.

e) Assist Company to implement voice password


We hope and strive to provide the best possible solutions available in the market at an affordable price to the public. We have factories to let.

Please email enquiry@basic-signalprocessing.com for enquiries or implementation.

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Andreas Jones

Algorithm Design Researcher
Bachelor of Engineering, 

Second Class Honours (First Division)

University of Sunderland


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